Who We Are 


Founder: James Macdonald

James Macdonald is the founder of the PSLF Resource Center. His career has been in the public sector serving in congressional offices, state government, large nonprofits, and small start-up nonprofits. After graduating from NYU Wagner School of Public Service with his MPA, James had accrued graduate student debt. James saw the PSLF program as a great option to reduce his student debt while also serving his community in a public service position.

Just as he began his ten-year journey towards PSLF, news reports surfaced about the over-complicated nature of the program and the minute details that student borrowers had to wade through to achieve forgiveness. The Department of Education’s resources were sparse and confusing; James knew that he wasn’t alone in his confusion. He found himself scrolling forums and social media groups dedicated to helping PSLF seeking student borrowers, he knew there had to be a better solution.


Born out of personal need, the PSLF Resource Center was created in 2020. Collaborating with dedicated board members, student borrowers, & experienced nonprofit workers, PSLF Resource Center was created with the intent to help all student borrowers navigate the PSLF process and achieve loan forgiveness.